(Absolute, 1992)
Story ©1992 Billy Rex Haney. Art ©1992 Shane Campos and William Traxtle

Shottloose, a black-and-white independent comic, began its run in 1992. The series is an ongoing science fiction tale about two races—green-skinned natives and the alien humans—living together on one planet. The planet is ruled by an evil, twisted president. Anti-government rebels choose one of the humans, a young male, to assassinate the planet’s leader. After being convinced that it is the right thing to do, the youthful man makes his attempt. The rest of this admittedly obscure series deals with the relations between the two races as they cope with the loss of a leader.

Shottloose was created by writer Bill Hanley and artist Shane Campos.

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  Bill HenryShane Campos


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  Rex Haney, Mark FinnShane Campos, John Lucas


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