Jingle Belle (Dark Horse)

    (Dark Horse, 2004–2005)
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Christmas only comes once a year, but Paul Dini’s Jingle Belle keeps the North Pole in good cheer all year long. Like many mischievous teenagers, Santa’s spoiled little girl causes her parents as much grief as joy, but in the end her actions often have her friends’ best interests at heart. In this holiday special, Jing helps a love-smitten lemming win the girl of his dreams, and gives the White House tree-lighting ceremony the extra zap it deserves. And in a story reminiscent of Betty & Veronica’s antics, Jing and her arch-rival turn a championship ice-hockey game into a full-blown cat fight.

Dini is best known for his work on Warner Bros. cartoons like Batman Beyond and Batman: The Animated Series. His work in comics includes Batman Adventures and related titles, as well as prestige books like Superman: Peace on Earth and Wonder Woman: Spirit of Truth.

— Joseph Self

From Comics Buyer’s Guide:

Starring Santa Claus’s sassy, spunky daughter, Jingle Belle #1 (of four) features two highly entertaining Done in One stories that can be enjoyed throughout the year.

First is “A Very Special Jingle Belle Special,” which finds Kris Kringle’s kid drumming up a plan to create her very own holiday classic. The special she creates is funny in and of itself, but the story’s real genius is in its criticisms of political correctness, watered–down kids’ fare, and television producers’ desire to appeal to the lowest common denominator. The back–up tale, “Nibble Nibble,” is a well–told fable about the perils of rampant consumerism. Here Jingle Belle plays second fiddle to Polly Green, a quirky and cunning Halloween witch who makes her loathsome family pay a heavy (and I do mean heavy) price for their insatiable greed.

Written by Harley Quinn creator Paul Dini, both entries are wonderful for children, but with enough meat on their bones to satisfy readers of all ages. Also, both feature cute cartoon art that fits their respective stories perfectly.

— Brett Weiss

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