X-Men 2099: Oasis

    (Marvel, 1996)
™ and © Marvel Characters, Inc.

Fully painted by artists extraordinaire Greg and Tim Hildebrandt, this graphic novel stars Marvel’s future X-Men and finds them in the sort of paradise the founder of the original mutant team, Professor Charles Xavier, dreamed of. It’s a place where human beings and mutants live together in perfect harmony with none of the hatred and fear that dogged the X-Men of the contemporary Marvel Universe. But is there more to this Oasis than meets the eye? (Of course! Otherwise there wouldn’t be a story, would there?) Find out the secret in this gorgeous Prestige Format one-shot.
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August, 1996
Cover Price: $5.95
9 copies available from $1.50
John Francis MooreGreg Hildebrandt, Tim Hildebrandt