C.H.I.X. That Time Forgot

    (Image, 1998)
™ and ©1998 Studiosaurus 11c

This one-shot is a hilarious follow-up to Aaron Lopresti’s C.H.I.X. When last we left our heroine, Good Girl, she had been tricked by her former sidekick, Piguana, into destroying Silicon City. In order to fix the mess, she enlisted the aid of her curmudgeonly mentor, Charles Ruffage. Their plan was to send Good Girl back in time 24 hours to (a) prevent the destruction of Silicon City, and (b) pick up a can of Bran Blast from the store—after all, the sale ended yesterday.

Unfortunately, Ruffage’s simian assistant messed up the controls of the time machine, sending Good Girl flitting randomly across time. Along the way, she meets an outlandish assortment of female heroines—all of which wind up getting brought back with her when she is finally scooped back into her own time period!

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2nd Appearance of Good GirlAaron Lopresti, Gary Martin, Hilary Barta, Matt Haley, Randy Emberlin, Ron Randall, Terry Dodson, Tom SimmonsAaron Lopresti, Terry Dodson, Ron Randall, Hilary Barta, Matt Haley, Paul Ryan, Jeff Johnson