Batman: The Chalice

    (DC, 1999-2000)
™ and © DC Comics

Bruce Wayne comes into possession of what very well may be the Holy Grail, the cup from which Christ drank at the Last Supper and the object of the quest of King Arthur’s legendary Knights of the Round Table. As you can imagine, the interest of several…um…unusual parties is piqued. The immortal Ra’s al Ghul, the Penguin, and Catwoman, as well as a number of shadowy mercenaries, want the piece and are willing to go to extreme lengths to obtain it. And as duels are fought and secret pacts are made, Batman wonders if the chalice’s seemingly magical properties can help him survive long enough to solve its mystery.

More excellent Bat-work from writer Chuck Dixon (Nightwing, Robin, Detective Comics), and this time he’s aided by artist extraordinaire John Van Fleet.

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  Chuck DixonJohn Van Fleet

#1 Hardcover

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 ca. 1999Chuck DixonJohn Van Fleet