ZombieWorld: Eat Your Heart Out

    (Dark Horse, 1998)
™ and ©1998 Dark Horse Comics, Inc.

For the unnamed protagonist of this story, it was all just a matter of following his heart. He had fallen in love with the girl next door, a beautiful blonde who was kind enough to treat the awkward boy like a human being. When the green “resurrection mist” began raising the dead and turning them into an army of zombies that attacked the living, our hero took his father’s gun and shot down any neighbor who had been turned into one of the undead.

When his unrequited (and now, dead) love appeared, he didn’t destroy her. Instead, he took her captive and tried to prove his love for her by taking care of her. In this case, it meant finding “fresh meat” in the form of townsfolk who had escaped the zombies, and feeding them to his beloved.

This is a truly ghastly comic to be sure, but Kelley Jones’ art and storytelling give it all the fascination of a train wreck. Much as it may sicken you, it’s hard to turn away.

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