Batman/Punisher: Lake of Fire

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1994’s Lake of Fire was a crossover between the Punisher and Azrael/Batman, two of the most popular grim ’n’ gritty vigilantes of the day. It was also a collaboration between their respective publishers, arch-rivals DC and Marvel Comics.

In this story, Marvel’s Punisher is hunting down his personal nemesis, the villain Jigsaw. The trail leads him into “one of the few places worse than New York City”—Gotham. There, Jigsaw has hatched a plan to foul the city reservoirs with rocket fuel. Once ignited, the water itself will burn, transforming the reservoirs into a lake of fire. Then, when Gotham needs someone to repair the damage, the only construction company that can do the job will be the one in which Jigsaw owns a controlling interest. To stop this from happening, the Punisher, a notorious loner, must cooperate with Azrael, and obsessed man who has taken over the role of Batman from Bruce Wayne.

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  Denny O’NeilBarry Kitson