Aria Summer’s Spell

    (Image, 2002)
™ and ©2002 Avalon Studios

In this full color series you’ll find the lovely Lady Kildare, Faerie princess, walking the streets of London in the summer of ’66—a time of enchanted music, vivid colors and enthusiastic youth. It is here where she is reunited with her long lost love Sir Thomas, a wayward knight who has finally breeched the time barrier and escaped the land of Faerie. Lady Kildare and her mortal London friends help the time-lost warrior to adapt to this strange new land, but will love and magic be enough to stay the approaching shadow of death?

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9 copies available from $1.25
  Brian Holguin, Brian HaberlinLan Medina, Mark Pajarillo


8 copies available from $1.00
  Brian Holguin, Brian HaberlinLan Medina