Doc Savage (Marvel Magazine)

    (Marvel, 1975-1977)
©1976 Magazine Management Co. (Marvel)

With renewed interest in the character sparked by the Doc Savage movie, Marvel kicked off this quarterly black-and-white Doc Savage magazine in 1975. Doc Savage, of course, is the legendary “Man of Bronze,” and one of the original pulp fiction action heroes. The title presents new stories by ace writer Doug Moench, along with film features, interviews with people involved with the creation of Doc Savage, and reviews of the original Doc Savage magazines and novels.

In its eight-issue run, this magazine showed Clark Savage Jr. and his friends, the Amazing Five, saving the world from a variety of madmen. Wherever adventure took him, Savage was always ready to meet it using his intellect and fighting skills to win the day.

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7 copies available from $4.50
Cover picture is Doc Savage moview promoInterview with George Pal (Director of Doc Savage movie); B&WDoug MoenchJohn Buscema, John Romita


4 copies available from $13.00
  Doug MoenchTony Dezuniga


3 copies available from $7.99
  Doug MoenchJohn Buscema, Rico Rival


4 copies available from $10.00
  Doug MoenchMarie Severin, Tony DeZuniga


4 copies available from $14.50
 1st appearance of Patricia SavageDoug Moench, Bob Sampson, David Anthony KraftTony DeZuniga, Marshall Rogers, Neal Adams


3 copies available from $9.99
  Bob Sampson, Doug MoenchTony DeZuniga, Frank Cirocco


5 copies available from $3.25
  Doug Moench, Bob SampsonEd Davis, Val Mayerik, Tony DeZuniga


2 copies available from $4.99
 Spring 1977Doug Moench, John Warner, John WhitmoreErnie Chan, Tom Sutton, Bob Layton, Ed Davis