(Verotik, 1995-1996)
™ and ©1996 the respective creators

Lest anyone mistakenly believe that all comic book tales focusing on sex are lighthearted, along comes Verotik Comics to kill that notion with this series featuring stories of sexual horror. In a typical story a woman meets a mysterious stranger bearing unusual gifts—but will they bring her pleasure, or a very gruesome kind of pain? In another, a government experiment gone wrong creates thousands of radiation-infected living dead known as “grubs,” many of whom endure their hellish existence through depraved sex.

Such tales, in which the reader may find oneself briefly aroused and excited before being suddenly repulsed and horrified, are at the heart of this series by various creators, which is published and overseen by the twisted mind of Glenn Danzig. Full-color and really adult—definitely not for the squeamish or faint of heart.

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 AdultGlenn Danzig, Grant Morrison, Eric BurnhamSimon Bisley, Ted Naifeh


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 AdultRex Miller, Grant MorrisonMitch Byrd, Kim Hagen


1 copy available for $31.00
Frank Frazetta coverAdultJae Lee, Nancy CollinsJae Lee, Esteban Maroto


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 AdultNancy Collins, Christian Moore, Hart FisherStan Shaw, James Daley


2 copies available from $13.00
 AdultLucy Taylor, Nancy CollinsStan Shaw, Kim Hagen


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 AdultGraham Masterton, Edward LeeEric Canete, Leif Jones


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 AdultGraham Masterton, RuthieDuke Mighten, John Himmelstein


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 AdultEdward Lee, Graham MastertonJ. Watkins Chow, Simon Morse


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 AdultGlenn Danzig, Ray GartonAdam Pollina, Jimmy Palmiotti, Simon Morse


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 AdultRex Miller, Lucy TaylorCalvin Irving, J. Watkins Chow, Jimmy Palmiotti


1 copy available for $13.00
 AdultNancy Collins, Rex MillerSimon Morse, Stan Shaw


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 AdultKevin Murphy, Thomas S. Roche, Lucy TaylorByron Penaranda, James Daly III


1 copy available for $10.00
 AdultGlenn DanzigAdam Pollina, Kaz Yamane


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 AdultDanielle Willis, Edward LeeSimon Morse, James Daly


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 AdultEdward LeeSimon Morse

Ashcan #1

1 copy available for $10.00
 AdultGlenn DanzigFrank Frazetta, Daerick Gröss, Adam Hughes, Valarie Jones, Simon Bisley

Book #1

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 ca. 1996Grant Morrison, Nancy Collins, Graham Masterton, Edward Lee, Glenn DanzigKim Hagen, Esteban Maroto, Stan Shaw, Eric Canete, Simon Morse, Adam Pollina, Martin Emond