The Argonauts: System Crash

    (Alpha, 1993)
™ and ©1993 Bill Spangler

John Rayner was born in the year 2230 on an Earth that would be all but unrecognizable to the people of today. In his world, a group of elite scientists paired with the military to build a city in the clouds as the rest of the world fell apart. These “Overmen” would take the ground world survivors as their slaves. Rayner was one of those who were taken, but unlike his fellow slaves, he used his time in captivity to learn from his captors. Deegan Brant, the scientist he was working for had discovered time travel, and as soon as the opportunity arose, Rayner stole a ship and went back through time. Unfortunately, so did Brant.

Arriving in 1936, Rayner formed a group known as the Argonauts to help stop his future from occurring—and to stop Brant from forming an even worse one. Later, Rayner would jump to 1988 where he would face off once again against a now aged Brant, who seemed bent on utter world destruction.

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