All Suspense

    (Avalon, 1998)
™ and ©1998 Avalon Comics Group

This black-and-white anthology includes adventure tales featuring Nemesis and Mark Midnight, and is illustrated by artists such as original Spider-Man penciller Steve Ditko. Nemesis, a character reminiscent of Lee Falk’s Phantom (even down to the striped trunks), swings into action against Satan and his hellish minions when a beautiful young girl makes the wrong enemies. Other stories include that of a vengeful skeleton that wreaks its revenge on a cruel anatomy instructor, and a restless spirit that meets its match in Mark Midnight, freelance ghost buster.

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 Reprints Nemesis and Mark Midnight storiesPierre Alonzo, Richard HughesDitko Trapani, Pete Costanza, Sal Trapani, Steve Ditko