Forbidden X Angel

    (Angel, 1997)
™ and © 1997 Adam Post

Angie has met and fallen in love with another beautiful blonde like herself, named Kelly. This is no simple tale of lesbian love, though, for Angie is a fallen angel, trying to adjust to her new life on Earth, and Kelly is a demon, one of Satan’s former whores who escaped from Hell. Now on Earth as a succubus, she survives by draining energy from mortals through sex. “It’s my job,” she explains. Angie discovers she has a job, too, which involves compelling mortals to lead good lives. Talk about opposites attract—will their differing motivations conflict?

Published by Adam Post, this black-and-white adult series features plenty of nudity and adult content and is intended for mature readers, or at least people who like seeing rather sketchy artwork of naked women.

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