Cocaine Comix

    (Last Gasp)
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Even though the burgeoning alternative comics scene had its unfair share of perverts and cranks that were in it for the shock, it’s good to see that some creators could get into the blue stuff (or in this case, the white stuff) with some other levels of thought and humor at play.

Our “hero,” Wildroot, wanders through Hollywood in true flake fashion stumbling into sex parties, muggings and event horizons, mostly buried bizarre-haircut-deep in a mountain of blow. The jokes are pretty good, like a dirtier version of MAD, and the art is appropriately influenced by Don Martin (with a complete Wally Wood-style cover by William Stout). And you can’t say an orgy of sexual freaks aimed at reaching a super-sexual black hole and transcend the boundaries of this world isn’t the kind of good idea that’d make Vertigo history.

— Brendan McGinley
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