Appleseed Databook

    (Dark Horse, 1994-1995)
™ and ©1995 Masamune Shirow and Seishinsha

This two-issue handbook is a must-have for fans of Masamune Shirow’s manga epic, Appleseed. For those of you who thrive on technical specifications, there are pages of information covering the weapons and armor used by the characters, as well as insightful commentary from the creator on the reasons for some of the characters’ actions, personalities, and motivations. Oh, don’t forget the rough drafts and never-before-seen sketches all real collectors would sell their baby brothers for; they’re here, too. And for those of you who just like the…well, who just like the story because it’s a great story, don’t worry. Chapter 26 of Deunan and Briareos’ adventures is presented in the two-part “Called Game.”

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  Masamune ShirowMasamune Shirow


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 Squarebound; FlipbookMasamune ShirowMasamune Shirow

Book #1

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 Collects the two-issue series; Includes technical data with new story; B&WMasamune Shirow, Fredrick SchodtMasamune Shirow