The Adventures of the Little Green Dinosaur

    (Last Gasp, 1972-1973)
™ and ©1973 Johnny Chambers and Last Gasp Publishing

Unaware of the publication dates, the assumption would be that this was yet another home-produced title hitching the slipstream of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles success. That it’s a 1972 underground title owing more to Carl Barks than to Robert Crumb is surprising. The little green dinosaur is a curmudgeonly soul occupying a world of walking, talking, and scheming mice and rats—smarter than all of them. There are concessions to the form of underground comics by way of sex and nudity, but they seem forced and break up the story rather than move it on. A pioneering oddity, but no more.

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 B&W.Johny ChambersJohny Chambers, Bob Inwood, George Metzger


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 Adult; B&WJohnny Chambers, George MetzgerJohnny Chambers, Bob Inwood, George Metzger