Alien Fire: Pass in Thunder

    (Kitchen Sink, 1995)
™ and © Kitchen Sink Press, Inc.

It’s the 21st Century, and Earth has been devastated. The only way it survives is by trading its historical and cultural treasures with alien races. In this intelligent one-shot, a continuation of the Kitchen Sink Alien Fire mini-series, Ed Williams is an earthman traveling the stars. He’s not a typical hero, with his oversized glasses and chubby frame, yet he finds success as an expert in Earth culture. Trapped in a desolate area with unfriendly humans and aliens, Ed’s recreation of a classic Buick Roadmaster (brought to life with some assistance from alien technology) helps him and his friends escape their alien pursuers.

This issue also reprints the two-part story “Imagine” (from Plastron Café) about Ed recreating cultural icons from America’s past to impress his alien friend. Featured are appearances by dozens of stars of American pop culture, from Lucille Ball to the Beatles.

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