All Hallow’s Eve

    (Innovation, 1991)
™ and ©1991 Mitchell Perkins and John Lang

All Hallow’s Eve is a deluxe format one-shot from Innovation Books. The story is set in Wicklow, Ireland and features four children named Lauren, Trey, Ashley, and Rachael. Every Halloween, banshees and spooks roam the streets of Wicklow. The town’s citizens lock their doors and stay inside their homes until morning. The four children are told to put a jack o’lantern in the window. Its purpose is to scare away the ghosts by giving them something more fearful than their own mugs. They are then told the story of Nesbitt’s Abbey.

The abbey once was run by monks until they were driven away by the ghost of Sam O’hain (sic). Nobody has dared go near since. It is thought that other ghosts live in the abbey too. The children take it upon themselves to rid the town of their “afterlife problem,” teaming up with talking mice along the way.
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Mitchell PerkinsJohn Lang