Black Knight (Ltd. Series)

    (Marvel, 1990)
™ and ©1990 Marvel Entertainment Group

The Original Black Knight was Percy of Scandia, a foppish nobleman who was secretly Camelot’s greatest protector. As the Black Knight, he wielded an ebon blade forged by Merlin from a fallen star. Whomever held this blade could never be killed, except by a weapon forged from the same star. Sadly, in the twilight days of Camelot, a dying Mordred managed to stab Percy in the back with a dagger formed from the star, ending his life.

The Black Knight’s legacy was passed on throughout the generations. In the modern day, a man named Dane Whitman took up the Ebon Blade as the new Black Knight. A member of the Avengers, he was eventually undone by a curse on the blade itself and turned a veritable statue. Dane’s sweetheart resolved to save him and conjured the spirit of the original Black Knight. Inhabiting Dane’s body, this legend tells of a new threat from the undead Mordred. Unless he can stop him, it means the final triumph of evil.

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Origin of Black Knight (Sir Percy); Origin of Black Knight (Nathan Garrett); Origin of Black Knight (Dane Whitman)Dann Thomas, Roy ThomasTony DeZuniga


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1st Appearance of Sean DolanDann Thomas, Roy ThomasTony DeZuniga


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1st Appearance of Valkyrie IIDann Thomas, Roy ThomasRich Buckler


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 Dann Thomas, Roy ThomasRich Buckler