Bisley’s Scrapbook

    (Atomeka, 1993)
©1993 Paul Behrer and Simon Bisley

Three shorts and several pinups comprise this one shot by a creator whose realistic paintings and fearless use of gore has attracted fans from both sides of the Atlantic.

In the first, a woman and child on the run deal with wolves, a cyborg and cannibals in a vicious story with an unpleasant end. Next, a barbarian warrior hacks his way to the throne he wishes to conquer, only to have things work out to his disadvantage. Finally, to lighten it up, an Old West zombie and his dead horse ride into town seeking revenge—but he got the wrong town.

Simon Bisley’s vast collection of other works include contributions to Heavy Metal, several issues of Lobo and Judge Dredd.

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#1 Variation A

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