The Abyss

    (Dark Horse, 1989)
™ and ©1989 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

When an American nuclear submarine is lost at the edge of an undersea trench, the crew of the commercially owned Deepcore station is commandeered for rescue operations. Unfortunately for the crew, there’s more to the submarine’s wreck than accident can explain, and it turns out the Navy Seals, who accompany the crew, are along for more than rescue duty.

Trapped beneath the sea, cut off from the surface by the hurricane, the people of Deepcore discover they are far from alone. Something has established a base in the depths of the three mile canyon, something definitely not of this earth. The already tense situation escalates when the Seals’ commander, suffering from the effects of deep pressure, decides to use the submarine’s nuclear weapons.

This title was adapted from the Twentieth Century Fox motion picture.

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