Razorline: The First Cut

    (Marvel, 1993)

In 1993, Marvel introduced its Razorline series of comics. Created by noted horror writer Clive Barker, this new “Barkerverse” combines humor and horror, super-heroes and the supernatural. This preview edition introduces us to the first four Razorline titles:

Hokum & Hex: the tale of the failed grandson of a vaudeville magician who becomes this world’s guardian against extradimensional evil

HyperKind: a group of unlikely super-heroes who fall in the shadow of their predecessors

Saint Sinner: a boy driven by a demon to commit murder— but whose soul is now inhabited also by an angel he killed.

EctoKid: a son of a live woman and a dead man, whose left eye sees our world, and whose left sees the ghost realm.

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Sampler; Previews Hokum & Hex, Hyperkind, Saint Sinner, and EctokidElaine Lee, Frank LoveceAnthony Williams, Max Douglas