Batman: Bloodstorm

    (DC, 1994, 1996-1997)
™ and © DC Comics

In the Elseworlds tale Batman and Dracula: Red Rain, Batman paid a terrible price to save Gotham from Dracula and his vampiric horde. Now writer Doug Moench (Batman, The Spectre, Moon Knight, The Fantastic Four) and Kelley Jones (Sandman, Swamp Thing, Aliens) reunite for the terrifying sequel.

It seems not all of Gotham’s children of the night have been vanquished, and now with the Joker as the vampires’ leader, the city’s streets once again flow with the blood of innocents. To save his city, Batman—battling his own growing hunger for human blood—must enter into an alliance with Selina Kyle who is experiencing unusual feline, lunar transformations. While the red rain falls from the sky, The Dark Knight faces his darkest foe yet, himself. But as Commissioner Gordon says, “Vampires are real, but thank God not all of them are evil.”

Bloodstorm is followed by Crimson Mist, the final chapter in this haunting trilogy.

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  Doug MoenchKelley Jones

#1 - 2nd printing

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 Elseworlds story; Preceded by Batman and Dracula: Red Rain, and followed by Crimson MistDoug MoenchKelley Jones

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 Preceded by Batman and Dracula: Red Rain, and followed by Crimson Mist.Doug MoenchKelley Jones

#1 Hardcover

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  Doug MoenchKelley Jones