Batman: Book of the Dead

    (DC, 1999)
™ and ©1999 DC Comics

In this two–issue Elseworlds tale, Bruce Wayne is the heir of two archeologists murdered when they got too close to solving an ancient mystery related to a bat–like emblem. Thus, Bruce Wayne adopts the visage of a forgotten Egyptian Bat–god, Nekhrun, and becomes an avenging creature of the night.

Bruce and the beautiful archeologist Sheila Ramsey are now on the same trail traveled by Bruce’s parents. Yet, the Egyptian government seems intent on preventing the duo from solving the mystery. Can Batman help uncover a secret buried more than 14,000 years in the past? And will the legacy of Osiris, Set, and the other Egyptian gods save mankind or destroy it?

Writer Doug Moench, with artist Barry Kitson, weaves a tale that spans centuries and involves ancient civilizations, myths, UFOs, and catastrophic natural disasters.

Elseworlds books take heroes from their usual settings and place them into strange times and places that are outside regular DC Universe continuity.

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  Doug MoenchBarry Kitson


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 Final issueDoug MoenchBarry Kitson