Supergirl/Lex Luthor Special

    (DC, 1993)
™ and © DC Comics

Taking place shortly after DC’s Death of Superman storyline, this one-shot comic develops the relationship between the post-Crisis Supergirl and Lex Luthor. Supergirl, an innocent and trusting synthetic being, is convinced that dashing Lex Luthor II (secretly the evil Lex Luthor I in a cloned body) is a good-natured philanthropist. Lex is developing his own armored paramilitary squad to protect Metropolis, named Team Luthor, in the wake of Superman’s death. Disguised as a police force with Supergirl as their leader, Team Luthor’s real reason for existence is to further Luthor’s hold on every aspect of Metropolis. Writer Roger Stern does his usual skillful job in alternating Luthor’s surface likeability with his real agenda of illegal, underhanded maneuvers and the abuse of the trust of a naïve Supergirl.

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Cover says Supergirl and Team LuthorIncludes pin-up gallery; One-shotRoger Stern, Louise SimonsonJune Brigman, Butch Guice, Dennis Janke, Denis Rodier