Bella Donna

    (Pinnacle, 1987)
™ and ©1987 Pinnacle Comics

A strange, Earth-goddess type who talks to herself (or that her invisible animal familiar?). A box that contains an unutterable evil. A lonely widower whose two children have unwittingly drawn both a dark cloud—and a hope of salvation—into their lives. That salvation is Bella Donna, an immortal witch who, together with Sabbat, her animal familiar, suddenly finds herself on earth in our century, to battle an unholy demon released from his prison. In the process, the lovely Bella must find a way to bring solace to a family ravaged by sadness and coping with the loss of a beloved wife and mother. This slim black-and-white independent comic suffers a bit from its excessively florid prose, but it’s certainly more readable than many indy books.

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