Nightmark Mystery Special

    (Alpha, 1994)
Nightmark™ and ©1994 Christopher Mills. Artwork ©1993 DCR. Cover ©1991 Steven Butler

This film noir title features a soft-penciled, almost watercolor feel, and writing that sets it apart from the crowd. Its star is Gideon King, a hardboiled, tough-as-nails detective who runs a ramshackle detective agency in the 1940s. Adding to the cliché, his clients are inevitably young, blonde, and needy. What’s different is that half the time, his clients are already dead.

King, a.k.a. Nightmark, is a detective to the deceased—a supernatural private eye. His cases walk the line between heaven and hell, earth and the hereafter.

In the Nightmark Mystery Special, he takes on the case of a young girl whose younger brother is missing. By the time it’s over, he’ll have battled demons in the family manse, and sealed up the gateway to hell. In another, surprisingly good text piece, Nightmark takes on a beautiful vampire as a client, with a mission to destroy the man who killed her.

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B&WChristopher MillsDCR, Steven Butler