The Batman/Judge Dredd Files

    (DC, 2004)
™ and © DC Comics, Inc. and Rebellion A/S

A compilation of three graphic novels that bring together the Darknight Detective and Mega City One’s most effective jurist.  In “Judgment on Gotham” (originally published 1991), the homicidal entity known as Judge Death arrives in Gotham City and starts dealing out punishment to those guilty of living. Batman would be there to stop him, but after accidentally dimension jumping to the Cursed Earth, he learns first hand of Judge Dredd’s intolerance for vigilantes. “The Ultimate Riddle” (1995) has both protagonists forced to do battle with a host of inhuman warriors by an omnipotent alien entity. Finally, “Die Laughing” (1998) brings back Judge Death: after being freed from their crystalline prisons, he and the other Dark Judges (Mortis, Fear and Fire) seek to “cleanse” an MC1 hedonist retreat in their own special manner. But first, they must initiate a new applicant to their fraternity of doom—the Joker. The art in all three books features an exaggerated style (more so in “Judgement”) and is painstakingly inked.

— Joe Trela

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  Alan Grant, John WagnerSimon Bisley, Carl Critchlow, Dermot Power, Glenn Fabry, Jim Murray, Jason Brashill