Astronauts of the Future

    (NBM, 2004)
™ and © NBM Publishing

Martina Valay is a surly Norwegian grade–schooler who’s convinced everyone around her is a robot (she thinks that’s what allows her to continually beat her classmates at checkers). Into her life comes Gilbert Halibut, a transfer student who, conversely, believes he’s been sent back in time to fight aliens masquerading as humans. The parents, teachers and other adults in their lives benignly tolerate their attempts to figure out which conspiracy theory is true, but when one of their failed schemes to “out” an alien ends with Gilbert’s little sister Gale being hit by a car, the situation rapidly spirals out of control. The art by Manu Larcenet is reminiscent of Calvin and Hobbes, and writer Lewis Trondheim (Mister O, Li’l Santa) has produced a story that dances lightly between comedy, pathos and action.

— Joe Trela

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 ca. 2004Lewis TrondheimManu Larcenet