Battle of the Planets Classic Issues

    (Dynamic Forces, 2003)
™ and © Dynamic Forces

Disappointing. That’s all one can say. The Battle of the Planets cartoon was, no doubt, watered down for American audiences, then watered down again for the Gold Key/Whitman comics reprinted in this volume. In one story, G-Force members defeat an ice monster with fire. In the next, they defeat a fire monster with ice. In one issue, Zoltar creates a robot double of himself. In the next, he creates robot doubles of G-Force. Yawn. For no apparent reason, Keyop is an android. In the earlier issues he speaks like Sugar and Spike’s less-eloquent neighbor. (“Xztip?” reads one balloon in its entirety.) After a while, his dialogue has progressed to “Doodle-di-boop.” Much better. We are told that color was omitted as an “added bonus” in order to better showcase Win Mortimer’s art. Don’t do readers any more such favors; some of the pages look as if they’d been faxed to the printer. The best you can say is that these hard-to-find issues are now readily available. If your attempts to acquire them online have been thwarted, here they are. For the true BotP enthusiast only.

— Jack Abramowitz

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 ca. 2003Gary Poole, Bob Langhans, Charlie SeegerWin Mortimer