Batman: Our Worlds at War

    (DC, 2001)
™ and ©2001 DC Comics

This issue is part of the planet-spanning summer crossover, Our Worlds at War, in which the DC Universe super-heroes must face the would-be world conqueror known as Imperiex.

In this special “Prelude to War” issue, Batman’s attention is drawn to the site of a mysterious explosion when federal authorities, acting at the behest of President Lex Luthor, cordon off the decimated construction site.

Why would NASA scientists and Army generals be sent to investigate an alleged terrorist attack? Could it have anything to do with the crash-landing of a space ship with an alien inside?

Before it is all over, Batman will have to travel straight to Metropolis and face down Lex Luthor for the answers he seeks.
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August, 2001
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Ed BrubakerStefano Gaudiano