B.A.B.E. Force: Jurassic Trailer Park

    (Forcewerks, 2004)
™ and © 2004 forcewerk Productions

Kirk Kushin and Diego Baretto answer the question to “What if someone wrote a story that combined Jurassic Park with Charlie’s Angels? You would most definitely get B.A.B.E. Force: Jurassic Trailer Park. The B.A.B.E. Force is called into action again, this time to tackle some dinosaurs straight out of the past. They are joined by and eventually help rescue Edison Jones, a man they encounter as the RV Super Show that is soon invaded by the attacking dinosaurs. Forcewerks Productions produced the title, which is another mini-series in the ongoing B.A.B.E. Force saga.

— Mark Arnold

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 B&W; ca. 2004Kirk KushinDiego Barreto


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 ca. 2006Kirk KushinDiego Barreto