Baseball Hall of Shame in 3-D

    (Blackthorne, 1989)
™ and © 1989 Blackthorne Publishing Inc.

“Baseball’s funniest goofs and blunders” is the pitch, and that’s what you get in this issue featuring full-page dissections of miscues from Major League Baseball’s long and colorful history, with accompanying text explaining just how foolish and/or bizarre they really were. Like the pitcher who gave up 15 runs, and a record 16 walks, in his major league debut. Or the teams who wore baseball’s most heinous uniforms, one of which even involved shorts. Or the first baseman whose fielding was so poor his nicknames included “Dr. Strangeglove” and “Stonefingers.” These and other goofy tales are covered here in all their dubious glory.

Adding to the interest in this one-shot, one of several “Sports Hall of Shame” titles focusing on different sports, is that it is published with 3-D special effects.

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