The Big Book of Urban Legends

    (Paradox, 1994)
©1994 Jan Harold Brunvand.

This is an Eisner award-winning collection of outlandish (“But true! Really!”) tales heard ’round the campfire, passed along at at the water cooler at work, or simply told as the real-life experiences of a “friend of a friend.” It’s folklore for our times—urban legends—collected by Jan Harold Brunvand, perhaps their most famous chronicler.

Presented in comic form, the 200 tales in this volume include “The Rattle in the Cadillac” wherein a disgruntled auto worker supposedly buried a baby’s rattle in the workings of a Cadillac in an attempt to drive the rich buyer crazy; Detroit’s secret “Wonder Car,” which gets hundreds of miles to the gallon, and was accidentally sold to an old woman; and “911,” in which a woman had her house burn down while frantically looking for the “11” on the dial so she could dial the fire department (“nine-eleven”). It all makes for fascinating reading, and may even expose a myth or two that you yourself could swear was real.
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