The Big Book of Urban Legends

    (Paradox, 1994)
©1994 Jan Harold Brunvand.

This is an Eisner award-winning collection of outlandish (“But true! Really!”) tales heard ’round the campfire, passed along at at the water cooler at work, or simply told as the real-life experiences of a “friend of a friend.” It’s folklore for our times—urban legends—collected by Jan Harold Brunvand, perhaps their most famous chronicler.

Presented in comic form, the 200 tales in this volume include “The Rattle in the Cadillac” wherein a disgruntled auto worker supposedly buried a baby’s rattle in the workings of a Cadillac in an attempt to drive the rich buyer crazy; Detroit’s secret “Wonder Car,” which gets hundreds of miles to the gallon, and was accidentally sold to an old woman; and “911,” in which a woman had her house burn down while frantically looking for the “11” on the dial so she could dial the fire department (“nine-eleven”). It all makes for fascinating reading, and may even expose a myth or two that you yourself could swear was real.

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Anthology; Introduction and commentary by Jan Harold Brunvand; Adapted from the works of Jan Harold Brunvand, Robert Loren Fleming and Robert F. Boyd Jr.; B&WRobert Loren Fleming, Robert Boyd, Jan Harold BrunvandBrent Anderson, Arthur Adams, Charlie Adlard, Christian Alamy, Gary Amaro, Terry Austin, Mark Badger, Glenn Baker, Dan Barry, Hilary Barta, Terry Beatty, Allan Bednar, Gregory Benton, Ron Boyd, Russell Braun, Dan Brereton, David Brewer, Mark D. Bright, Pat Broderick, Tim Burgard, Guy Burwell, Robbie Busch, Don Cameron, Steve Carr, John C. Cebollero, Howard Chaykin, David Chelsea, David J. Chlystek, Scott Cohn, Tomm Coker, Mike Collins, John Coulthart, Denys Cowan, Thomas Crielly, Scott Cunningham, Donald David, Al Davison, Stephen DeStefano, Gustavo Desimone, Dave DeVries, D’Israeli, Feliks Dobrin, Evan Dorkin, Randy DuBurke, Leopoldo Durañona, Kieron Dwyer, Duncan Eagleson, Tommy Lee Edwards, Hunt Emerson, John Estes, Jim Fern, Bob Fingerman, Stuart Firth, Shary Flenniken, Phil Foglio, Davy Francis, Simon Fraser, Samuel Gana, John Garcia, José Luis García-López, David Garland, Rick Geary, Earl Geier, Keith Giffen, Scott Gillis, Craig Gilmore, Dick Giordano, Trevor Goring, Marcus Gray, Justin Green, Doug Gregory, Daerick Gröss, Rebecca Guay, Pia Guerra, Butch Guice, Mike Hadley, Kim Hagen, Hak, Bob Hall, Craig Hamilton, Ed Hannigan, Tony Harris, Danny Hellman, Fred Hembeck, Lea Hernandez, Graham Higgins, John Higgins, James A. Hopkins, Floyd Hughes, Michael Jantze, Phil Jimenez, Dave Johnson, Leif Jones, Rafael Kayanan, Nigel Kitching, David G. Klein, Bill Koeb, Teddy Kristiansen, Alan Kupperberg, Nghia Lam, Roger Langridge, Gregory B. LaRocque, Batton Lash, Steve Leialoha, Mark Lewis, Vincent Locke, Lennie Mace, Madeley, Keven Maguire, Graham Manley, Kirk Manley, Lee Marrs, Nathan Massengill, Robert McCallum, Mac McGill, Chris McLoughlin, Robert McNeill, Linda Medley, Jason Minor, Mark Miraglia, Gabriel Morrissette, Scott Musgrave, Ted Naifeh, Mat Nastos, Bill Naylor, Mark A. Nelson, Josh Neufeld, Mark Newgarden, Art Nichols, Kevin Nowlan, Shane Oakley, Mitch O’Connell, Michael Avon Oeming, Rod Ollerenshaw, Kevin O’Neill, Joe Orlando, Tayyar Ozkan, Richard Pace, Andrew Paquette, Rick Parker, Mike Parobeck, Paul Peart, Andrew Pepoy, Omaha Pérez, Eric Peterson, Joe Phillips, Toby Philp, Howard Porter, George Pratt, Gordon Purcell, Brian Quinn, Frank Quitely, Richard Piers Rayner, Trina Robbins, Darick Robertson, Denis Rodier, James Romberger, Joe Rubinstein, Greg Ruth, Tim Sale, Adrian Salmon, Zina Saunders, Tristan Schane, Christopher Schenck, Val Semeiks, Eric Shanower, Scott Shaw!, William Simpson, Patrick Sinclair, Ciaran Slavin, Bob Smith, Robin Smith, Ned Sonntag, Joe Staton, Alec Stevens, Leslie Sternbergh, Jim Sullivan, Sean Taggart, Brad Teare, Ty Templeton, Greg Theakston, Jamie Tolagson, Chas Truog, Colin Upton, John Van Fleet, Alex Wald, Alan Weiss, Andrew Wendel, Art Wetherell, Shane White, Keith S. Wilson, Kent Williams, Glenn Wong, Jeff Wong, Bill Wray