Apollo Smile

    (Eagle Wing, 1998)
™ and ©1998 Eagle Wing Press

Apollo Smile is actually modeled after a real person, the voice actress of the same name. The fictional Smile pilots a spaceship called the I.S.S. Starseed, and she is about to perform at a gig on an alien world when her and her crew receives a distress call. Described as a “manga/comic” because it combines elements of both, Apollo Smile is actually light sci-fi fare trying to capitalize on the popularity of its star at anime conventions. Only two issues were published before the financial woes of Eagle Wing Process forced its wings to get clipped.

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  Apollo Smile, Paul E. HostenPeter Kato


1 copy available for $29.99
 Incicia date 7/1/98Apollo Smile, Paul E. HostenPeter Kato