The Crusades: Urban Decree

    (Vertigo, 2001)
™ and ©2001 DC Comics, Inc.

“Evil to him who evil does.”

With those words, an ancient and mysterious knight bestows bloody justice on the streets of modern day San Francisco. As a swath of carnage is cut through the criminal element, the city is gripped in fear and wonder of this baffling crusader. Radio talk show host, Anton Marx has taken a particular interest in this contemporary knight roaming the mean streets of San Francisco. Marx’s girlfriend, Venus Kostopikas may hold the key to unraveling the reason for the atrocities being rained down upon the city’s lawbreakers. If she can stay alive long enough to put the pieces together.

With it’s large, eccentric supporting cast, and graphic violence The Crusades: Urban Decree is a comic meant for mature readers of such titles as Spawn and Preacher. The Crusades: Urban Decree is a 48 page one-shot which acts as a prelude to the ongoing Vertigo title, The Crusades.

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 Steven SeagleKelley Jones