Dread of Night

    (Hamilton, 1991-1992)
™ and © Hamilton

Dread of Night is an uneven example of one of those endless horror anthologies published since the 1940s. This offender is from publisher Hamilton Comics, responsible for the forgettable Maggots and Grave Tales magazines. Our host, since it seems every horror anthology must have one, is the droll Count Robespierre, who guides readers through several predictable horror stories in each issue. The high point of this black and white magazine was that it managed to feature some above average artwork from experienced comic artists such as Gray Morrow, Nicola Cuti, Ernie Colon, and early contributions from Wolff & Byrd, Counselors of the Macabre’s Batton Lash.

— Jerry Smith

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Painted cover1st appearance of Count Robespierre; 1st appearance of Madraven Stark; B&WMichael Brewer, Russ Miller, Nat Gertler, Charles Marshall, Nicola Cuti, Bill PearsonRalph Reese, Batton Lash, Howard Bender, Dan Day, David Day, Nicola Cuti, Ernie Colón


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Painted coverFinal issue; B&WLink Yaco, Nicola Cuti, James Van Hise, Al Ryan, Nat GertlerJohn Heebink, Steve Stiles, Nicola Cuti, James Dean Pascoe, Andrew Paquette, Batton Lash