(Adventure, 1989)
©1989 Paul O’Connor

On the mythical world of Pangea, the people worship a pantheon of gods, the most fearsome of which is Badaxe. Badaxe is a bloodthirsty and ruthless god. He occasionally visits his supplicants in the form of a wrathful skeleton, usually ripped by Badaxe himself out of the body of a human who had been sacrificed to him.

Badaxe has ordered his human minions to slay all the young boys in the towns and posts in the area and to catalog their hands. Meanwhile, in the same town a demon called Horse has sent his servant to find a boy—a nearly impossible task due to Badaxe’s pogrom.

Blissfully unaware of this horror, a girl, raised by wolves and called Tanree comes frighteningly close to the core of the madness when she has her first encounter with civilization.

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October, 1989
2 copies available from $1.75
  Paul O’ConnorKent Burles


2 copies available from $2.00
  Paul O’ConnorKent Burles


December, 1989
3 copies available from $4.99
  Paul O’ConnorKent Burles