Behold 3-D

    (Edge, 1996)
™ and © 1996 The Nate Butler Studio

Behold 3-D, as its title suggests, brings back 3-D imagery in comics. Three-D glasses are included to create the illusion of characters and objects leaping at the reader. The book is shared by two stories – a science fiction tale and a Christian story. The religious tale stars Sir Rafeem, Knight for the Light. Rafeem was a Muslim who became mesmerized by Christian knights in glittering armor. He then decides to join them in the Crusades, helping to slaughter his Muslim brethren in the process. However, Rafeem eventually sees the pointlessness of the carnage and becomes a messenger of peace.

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 3-D glasses insertedCurt Fischer, Carlos Garzon, Irv Ziemann, Nate ButlerBill Webb Jr., Farel Dalrymple, Jeff Anderson, Nestor Redondo, Pat Boyette