(Curtis, 2002)
™ and © Curtis

You may already know the cadets of the ESP Academy via a series of small paperbacks published last year. If not, there’s a helpful two-page spread that introduces the main characters (though a What Has Gone Before page wouldn’t have hurt), who are a cross between G-Force, The X-Men, and Street Fighter, except The X-Men never call Magneto a “son of a bitch” or use their mutant powers to flip up the skirts of women.

Everything else can be picked up fairly easily as you read along. Clearly, the goofily demented Maximilian is their arch-foe who wants to blow up a rocket just to be mean. (If this is a significant plot point, it didn’t make it through the generally good translation.) But that’s a red herring — this issue is built on the classic theme of “meet the new member,” which in this case is Jimmy (which may sound like a tough name in Korean), a cocksure bad boy who instantly rubs the other members the wrong way. There’s nothing spectacularly new here, but it comes in a sharp package.

— S.A. Bennett

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