Alien Encounters (Eclipse)

    (Eclipse, 1985-1987)
™ and ©1985 Eclipse Comics. Cover art ©1985 Joe Chiodo. Stories © their respective authors.

To the great disappointment of many, Pacific Comics ceased publishing in 1984. Eclipse picked up a few of their more popular series, including Alien Worlds, continuing that title’s run until issue #9 when its owners decided to cancel it. A year later, Eclipse decided to offer its own version of that series with Alien Encounters.

Running fourteen issues in all, Alien Encounters offered up some very respectable stories of science-fiction and the unexpected. A two-page quickie by Marc Hempel shows a man with a bionic replacement hand worrying about fitting in—but when he looks out the window, we see that the planet is populated by robots! More involved stories show people dreaming of families and children on the brink of doomsday, running from alien police, and going to outrageous (and deadly) extremes to remake bad robot movies from the 1950s.

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4 copies available from $4.95
  Buzz Dixon, Eric Dinehart, Ken Macklin, Marc HempelMarc Hempel, Mike Gustovich, Mike Hoffman, Toren Smith


9 copies available from $4.00
  Christy Marx, Kevin Farrell, Mark Borax, Buzz DixonPeter Ledger, Kevin Farrell, Chuck Austen, Nicholas Koenig


6 copies available from $3.95
  Buzz Dixon, Jim Baikie, Paul Alexander, James BrockAttilio Micheluzzi, Larry Elmore, Pedro Henry, James Brock


6 copies available from $3.95
  Charles Wagner, Gardner Fox, Tim Conrad, Timothy TrumanLarry Elmore, Tim Conrad, Timothy Truman, Bill Wray


6 copies available from $4.95
Dave Dorman coverNudityDave Dorman, Craig Boldman, David Lloyd, Simon Revelstroke, Tim BurgardDave Dorman, David Lloyd, Richard Corben, Chuck Austen


2 copies available from $27.00
 Story Nada used as basis for movie They LiveBruce Jones, Toren Smith, Bill Wray, Len Wein, James P. HoganChuck Austen, Ken Macklin, Lee Weeks, Bill Wray


6 copies available from $7.95
  Bruce Jones, Douglas M. Wheeler, Rick GearyBo Hampton, Chuck Austen, Richard Howell, Rick Geary


4 copies available from $5.00
Marilyn Monroe/Atomic Bomb cover Bruce Jones, Buzz Dixon, Charles Wagner, Ken Macklin, Toren SmithAttilio Micheluzzi, Dan Day, Jim Sullivan, Ken Macklin


6 copies available from $6.99
  Bruce Jones, Douglas M. Wheeler, Howard Zimmerman, Tom FieldJohn Bolton, John K. Snyder, Larry Elmore, Lee Weeks


2 copies available from $1.25
 Includes “Exiles” Ray Bradbury adaptationBeppe Sabatini, Rafe Negrete, Ray Bradbury, Tim SmithDenis McFarling, Gray Morrow, Rafe Negrete, Tom Sutton


4 copies available from $2.00
  Chuck Dixon, Mark Kneece, Scott Hampton, Steve Oliff, Timothy TrumanKarl Waller, Peter Ledger, Scott Hampton, Steve Oliff


4 copies available from $2.25
  Buzz Dixon, Nicola Cuti, RubyDoug Medved, Karl Waller, Mark A. Nelson


3 copies available from $3.00
  Chuck Dixon, Douglas M. Wheeler, RubyDoug Medved, Graham Nolan, Hilary Barta, Peter Ledger


2 copies available from $4.25
 Final IssueBeppe Sabatini, Chuck Dixon, Eric Dinehart, Jack ButterworthGraham Nolan, John Ridgway, Thomas Wimbish, Tom Lyle