The Adventures of Evil & Malice

    (Image, 1999)
™ and ©1999 Jimmie Robinson

Evelyn and Malinda are two somewhat ordinary teenage sisters—they do their homework, ride their bikes, and argue about everything.

Their father happens to be the Black Eye, the number one criminal mastermind in Dooplis City, so they study at home (because they might otherwise wipe out their teachers), ride their bikes underneath the city in their father’s underground secret tunnels, and design super-powered suits.

When the girls are forced to use some of their father’s inventions to protect him from another group of super-villains, they suddenly find themselves labeled by the media as the new super-heroines Evil and Malice. In their spiffy pink and blue outfits, the girls will have to face villains such as the vicious Cold Heart, the sneering Chef, and the water-logged Drip—not to mention the embarassment of having become super-heroes in order to protect their super-villain dad!

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