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The Simpsons’ son Bart has a rich fantasy life, along with a propensity for getting into trouble. All that made him the perfect candidate to become “Bartman, Arch-enemy of Evil!” Of course, Bartman is really nothing more than Bart in a super-hero outfit—no super-powers to match. That doesn’t stop him from taking on all manner of evildoers, not the least of which are the school bullies who have taken jobs at the local comic book printing plant. These villains are running scams by stealing comics before they can be appropriately “cover-enhanced” (with silver foil or whatnot), then selling them through local comic stores as “error copies.” Who can stand up for the rights of comic collectors when such villains strike?

That’s right: Bartman!

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14 copies available from $5.00
Silver ink cover Steve Vance, Cindy VanceSteve Vance, Phil Ortiz

#1 Variation A

1 copy available for $19.99
  Steve Vance, Cindy VanceSteve Vance, Phil Ortiz


9 copies available from $5.00
  Jan StrnadSteve Vance


3 copies available from $5.00
 Trading cardJan StrnadSteve Vance


2 copies available from $16.00


No copies available
 1st Appearance of Lisa the Conjuror; 1st Appearance of The Great Maggeena  


2 copies available from $6.00
 1st Appearance of Bart Dog; Origin of Bart DogBill Morrison, Gary GlasbergChris Clements, Luis Escobar, Tim Bavington

Book #1

No copies available
 The Best of the Best, collects stories from Bartman #1-3, Itchy & Scratchy Comics #3, and Simpsons Comics #5  

Hero Magazine Special #1

2 copies available from $5.50
 Hero Giveaway; Digest sizedSteve Vance, Cindy VanceSteve Vance, Bill Morrison, Mike Anderson