Batman/Judge Dredd: Vendetta In Gotham

    (DC, 1993)
Batman™ and ©1993 DC Comics, Inc. Judge Dredd™ and ©1993 Fleetway Editions Limited

This second meeting of Batman and Judge Dredd starts when Dredd appears out of nowhere and engages Batman in battle with no warning and less explanation. Meanwhile, the Ventriloquist is loose in the city, planting his dummy Scarface as a doll in a school play. Why go to the trouble? Because a senator, whose daughter is in the play, will be in attendance at the play’s premiere—and Scarface is stuffed with explosive, working as a remote-controlled bomb.

It’s the sort of caper that Batman would undoubtedly be busy stopping—except that he presently has got his hands full fending off Dredd, a lawman from the future who seems determined to beat the life out of him!

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 NNAlan Grant, John WagnerCam Kennedy