Hawkman Secret Files and Origins

    (DC, 2002)
™ and ©2002 DC Comics

From the Golden Age archaeologist Carter Hall to the Silver Age alien policeman Katar Hol, or the even grimmer 1990’s Hawkworld version, the character of Hawkman has been an integral part of the DC Universe for decades. Now, the success of the new JSA has resulted in another revival of the Winged Wonder, once again in his original identity.

But Carter Hall is also Khufu, an Egyptian prince who, along with his beloved Chay-ara, has been reincarnated countless times over the centuries. This time he’s armed with all the memories and experience of his past lives. Unfortunately, his partner Hawkgirl , skeptical of the truth of their reincarnated existence, wants nothing to do with her erstwhile “lover”.

This special features new stories that detail the heroes’ current situation, as well as providing insight into their previous lives. It also contains fact files on the heroes and their new supporting cast.
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October, 2002
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Geoff Johns, Dan Curtis Johnson, J.H. Williams III, Jim Beard, Eliot BrownPatrick Gleason, Greg Scott, Eliot Brown, Rags Morales, Michael Bair, Stephen Sadowski, Walt Simonson, Richard Case, Rick Burchett, Bryan Talbot