Hack/Slash Comic Book Carnage

    (Devil’s Due, 2005)
™ and © Devil’s Due

Survivors of violent crimes tend to react differently to their experiences, but few respond the way Cassie Hack has. After escaping an attack by a vicious slasher—her mother—she now travels the world hunting and killing other slashers. Armed with her wits, an array of brutal weapons, and her hulking, yet soft-spoken companion, Vlad, she’ll follow evil wherever it takes her. In this 48-page special, the pair investigate a comic convention at which a popular horror writer has just been viciously murdered. Their vigilante approach will either catch the killer… or get even more people killed.

Given this one-shot’s setting, a number of comic and horror personalities are on hand for the violence and mayhem. Some don’t make it through the issue in one piece. Writer Tim Seeley and artist Federica Manfredi preside over the grisly, yet humorous, action.

— Andy Richardson

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  Tim SeeleyFederica Manfredi, Rob Randle, Becky Laff, Sean Dove