Batman: Batgirl (Girlfrenzy)

    (DC, 1998)
™ and © DC Comics

Girlfrenzy! was a 1998 “fifth-week event” from DC Comics that focused on some of the longtime publisher’s super-women, both good and bad. In this one-shot, Batgirl—a.k.a. Barbara Gordon, in her pre-Oracle days—finds herself trailing serial killer Charles Victor Zsasz, resenting the Batman, and losing out on life because of her super-heroing. It’s an interesting character study from writer Kelley Puckett (Batgirl) and artists Jim Balent (Catwoman) and Rick Burchett (Batman: Gotham Adventures).

Other Girlfrenzy! titles include Wonder Woman: Donna Troy, Starman: The Mist, Young Justice: The Secret, and Superman: Lois Lane.

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