(Adventure, 1990)
™ and ©1990 Larry Niven

Renowned science-fiction author Larry Niven wrote many stories dealing with the subject of organ transplants and what their successful implementation could mean for society. Simply put: as long as there is an adequate supply of organs, no one ever has to die. His novella, “Death by Ecstacy,” is masterfully adapted for the comic medium in this 3-issue mini-series.

Former asteroid miner Gil Hamilton is shocked when informed that a friend from his mining days, Owen Jennison, may have committed suicide. Not just suicide, but suicide by starvation while addicted to Ecstasy, in which the pleasure centers of the brain are stimulated so intensely, that the addict has no desire to do anything else. Refusing to believe that his friend could have sunk to that, Hamilton investigates and discovers that Jennison was involved with “organleggers,” surgeons that procure organs for their clients by unscrupulous means…

— George Haberberger

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 Introduction by Larry Niven; B&WBill Spangler, Larry NivenTerry Tidwell


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