The Adventures of Theown

    (Pyramid, 1986)
™ and © 1986 Don Bryan

Unlike most independent ongoing series that appeared only to disappear during the comic book craze of the 1980s, Theown (from Pyramid Comics) hit comic shops as a three issue limited series. The crude art, basic writing, and black and white interiors, while most likely an impediment to sales, undoubtedly served the creator’s purpose: to tell the story he’d been burning to tell.

Theown is a product of human science. “Birthed” aboard the starship Infinity—a vessel sent to explore the outer reaches of the universe—this solitary woman was born from a test tube and raised by robots and aliens to become the ultimate human specimen—an emotionless and highly skilled recorder of the universe’s mysteries. But all of this changes when Theown discovers she is not alone on the ship.

Upon meeting Theolast, her male counterpart, the heroine forsakes her mission. The thrill of human contact and the emotional fulfillment it brings become her primary charge. And she’ll do anything to achieve it—even if it means risking her own life to save that of her lover.
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October, 1996
Cover Price: $1.70
4 copies available from $2.25
Francine Mezo, Kevin D. DuncanDon Bryan, Kevin D. Duncan

Cover Price: $1.70
2 copies available from $3.99
Francine MezoDon Bryan
December, 1986
Cover Price: $1.70
2 copies available from $9.99
Francine MezoDon Bryan