Battle of the Planets: Mark

    (Image, 2003)
™ and ©2003 Sandy Frank Film Syndication

This short focuses on the leader of the G-Force Team, Mark. Ever the vigilante watchdog and commander of the team, Mark has long been the star of this longstanding team story. First envisioned as a Japanese anime show in the mid-70s, Gatchaman, or Battle of the Planets as it is known in the States, is the story of five teenaged heroes handpicked and trained to repel the evil alien invaders known as Spectra. Classic action follows this story of Mark on one of his few days off that happens to go sour and he becomes involved in an international intrigue. At the root of the story, however, is a tale of a father and son that are estranged from one another and the pain they feel for that absence. With a stunning cover painting by Alex Ross (Kingdom Come), this is a great one–shot for Gatchaman fans worldwide.

— Ryan Jackson

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